What the Heck is Going On?

This is how I feel about the world right now

The past 6 months have been bonkers.

My depression hit such an extreme low that, through working with my doctor, I started taking medication to control it. Right as the meds were starting to work, the pandemic hit and self-isolation began.

For my family, that meant isolating at home with our toddler while we each worked half of each day while the other watched The Bean. All this managed to do was propel my depression even lower. Further appointments with my doctor led to updates to my medications which finally started working on the increased depression and anxiety.

Now that I had my depression under control (sort of), I was able to focus on work much better… right in time for work to get absolutely insane in the lead up to school starting. As the primary person who builds the Master Schedule for our high school, not knowing how we were going to approach the school year until just one month before it started meant a lot of overtime in July being necessary to get it all ready in time.

In Pursuit of Self-Care

Through all of it, the idea of crafting was just too much. My craft table was covered in bills and extraneous supplies. Thinking about organizing it enough to use was overwhelming. So I just didn’t.

I tried to spend more time outside, but the heat was killing me.

Come July, The Bean’s daycare re-opened to all kids again. At the same time, we entered escrow to purchase the home we’ve been living in since the fire. In order to qualify for our new mortgage, it was time for us to return to work full time. This meant accepting the re-opening of daycare and sending The Bean back. Not something we really wanted, but an unfortunate necessity.

Fortunately, The Bean’s daycare has only 10 other kids and they take precautions very seriously. Unfortunately, it meant we had to cut my mother-in-law out of our bubble, as she is higher risk.

Add to all of this the political climate, Trump’s obvious abuses of power and determination to destroy our democracy… It’s been stressful, to say the least.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

There is a bright side, I promise! Once my depression reached a better grounding, I was able to start looking at all the factors that contributed to it. I focus on the ones that are within my control and made leaps and bounds with my mental health recently. I’ve even started making (super basic) cards again!

But more on that next time!

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