Time for a Bean Update!

I haven’t given an update on The Bean since I first introduced him, so I thought now would be a fun time to share!

We’re coming up quick on The Bean’s second birthday, which feels impossible right now. How can he possibly have existed for only 2 years? It feels much longer than that.

Maybe that’s the exhaustion and lack of sleep talking.

Mostly, it’s all an amazing experience. Watching his brain develop is an actual damn miracle. He sings the ABCs, counts his toys, gives his “babies” nurturing snuggles, and all around is constantly showcasing the way his brain is growing.

His creativity is a wonder. He’ll act out short scenarios with his toys, always wants to paint or color or stick stickers on things, and uses everyday objects in the most inventive ways.

Since my last post about him, he finally decided he wanted to cut his hair. Poor kid has mom’s hair, which is stick straight and is always in your eyes until it’s long enough to tuck behind the ears. I don’t blame him for not wanting to wait that long!

Currently, The Bean is train obsessed. He still loves airplanes and trucks, but trains take precedence every time! He’s also very into looking at photos and videos of himself. We’re working on cutting down on that, but he loves it so much, it’s hard to do sometimes!

With all that’s going on in that brain (and body), it’s no wonder we’re dead on our feet by the end of the day every day. But the point is that he’s amazing and exhausting and wonderful and clever!

I’m not biased. I promise.

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