Self-Care, Identity, & Connection

Lately, I have focused on the factors within my control that contribute to my depression. Doing so, I’m beginning to see why much of my self-care in the past has ultimately been surface level. I take care of my immediate needs, but my long-term needs are often overlooked.

Looking for a creative outlet? Get crafty! Stressed out about work? Go for a walk or work in the yard for a break. Desperately seeking some peace and quiet? Ask Grandma to take The Bean for a few hours!

Easy, right?

I found that, while addressing these needs in the moment was important, this was not improving my base level happiness vs depression. Through a great deal of introspection, I realized that I have felt disconnected for years. Not just the recent disconnect from family and friends due to the pandemic, but something deeper. I felt disconnected from myself.

I thought back to the times when I felt that connection and a couple of key moments stood out. In particular, turning points in my sexual identity and my spiritual identity.

In my next two posts, I’ll get into each of these identities further. It’s definitely more than a single post can handle!

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