Mildly Offensive Paper Crafting

Mildly Offensive Paper Crafting

Not long ago, I was accepted into a new (to me) Facebook group for card makers. I was excited to share an array of cards I’ve made with a new group of people and made my first post with quite a few cards.

I noted in the main post that I would also be sharing some offensive, NSFW cards in the comments. I started a comment with the above image and replied to that comment with a couple of offensive cards I’d made primarily using Ink Road Stamps sets (and the Lawn Fawn Reveal Wheel die set). In fact, my next post will feature the card in question, so prepare yourself!

Anyway, very shortly afterwards, another recently added member commented about how offended she was and if this is the kind of thing people in this group post, then maybe it’s not a group for her. A little back and forth occurred in which I explained that, as a new member, I should not be considered an example of the group as a whole.

Short story shorter, she decided to leave the group and I realized that some people in the crafting and card making world just can’t handle a little snark.

So what did I do? I created the Mildly Offensive Paper Crafting Facebook Group instead! No more NSFW warnings necessary, no more tiptoeing around the more delicate members of the crafting community. Just a bunch of like-minded, sassy crafters enjoying each other’s creations!

And just an FYI, in case you didn’t guess from the birthday card I made for my mom, you can expect my blog to omit the warnings! More fun for me to surprise you with what’s posted any given day!

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