Mildly Offensive Paper Crafting

Fuck Yeah!

When I got the Wavy Stripes stencil by Taylored Expressions, all I wanted to do was ink blend all day long! That’s basically what I did, honestly. I ended up with a butt-ton of cute backgrounds and literally zero ideas for what to do with them.

Onto the shelf they went!

And then Ink Road released their “cheeky” die cuts, including the Essential Cheeky Words set.

I immediately grabbed some scrap cardstock and cut out the giant fuck you see on this card. It was so beautiful, it had to be used. Right away. Like… seriously.

Up to my shelf I reached and down came one of my cute wavy stripes backgrounds! I also took the opportunity to die cut some craft foam for the first time to give my giant fuck some dimension. Excellent plan, by the way! It worked perfectly and was super easy to use!

My fuck looked a bit lonely on the card all by itself, so I grabbed the “yeah” from Ink Road’s F*ck Yeah set to finish it off.

Et voila!

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