Mildly Offensive Paper Crafting

Farewell, Friend!

A coworker with a snarky sense of humor has just left the school I work at to pursue a career in the field she has her Master’s in. Can’t blame here, but we sure do miss her around here!

As a fun farewell, I made her a couple of cards to express our regards as a team.

We started with a small, simple gold star for not getting fired, but choosing to leave in favor of something new!

Thanks to Ink Road Stamps’ Adulting Gold Stars stamp set, I was able to make quick work of this with a little heat embossing, matting, and thoughtfully placed bling. In the end, this little card was a gift from me alone.

This next card was made for the whole team to sign. With a bit of creative ink smooshing, drying ink layers between smooshes, and (of course) the perfect die cut sentiment (thanks again to Ink Road Stamps for the Bitch Please die set)!

I cut out 3 die cuts of the sentiment and the backing to it and layered them for a nice raised style. Only the top layer of the backing is made from the glitter paper. The ink smooshed background is layered over more of the silver glitter paper and cardstock matching the “adios bitchachos” sentiment. A little strip of vellum obfuscated the background just enough to make the sentiment stand out even more!

I finished it off with some pearlescent drops, and this beautiful card came together in all the right ways!

Farewell, Bitch! We miss your face around here!

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