About A Chomp at Life

I’m Dinah and I’m a serial blog-attempter.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve tried starting a blog, but failed to keep up with the strict, thorough schedule I set for myself. Looking back, I was overstretching myself and making work out of something I started for the joy of it.

So this time, I’m making it about fun. I’m only going to post when I want and what I want. I will have no schedule to follow and no advertising/media calendar. I will not feel guilty if I don’t post anything for months at a time. I will feel accomplished for the days I choose to share something.

One day I may talk about my family (adorable son and fur babies included), while the next may feature my Renaissance Faire guild or a new card design I came up with. There will be no rhyme or reason and no stress if I don’t get around to it.

In short, A Chomp at Life is my way of sharing my life with you. For shared joy is multiplied and shared pain is divided.