Honey… Ew.

After busting out a butt-ton of awesome cards lately, I hit a wall in my creativity. I kept looking at stamp sets I loved and wanted to use, sometimes even stamping some of them out at random, but nothin’ doin’. I had zero ideas. I had stamped the Ew, David sentiment from the stamp setRead More


Follow Your Dreams, Princess!

A friend of mine recently moved out of her previous accommodations. For the first time in her life, she is living her on life. This friend has always felt close with the character pictured here, especially since the musical was released. So when she escaped her own tower, I wanted to help commemorate the event!Read More


Time for a Bean Update!

I haven’t given an update on The Bean since I first introduced him, so I thought now would be a fun time to share! We’re coming up quick on The Bean’s second birthday, which feels impossible right now. How can he possibly have existed for only 2 years? It feels much longer than that. MaybeRead More