Nice to meet you… I think!

What is A Chomp at Life?

A Chomp at Life is, in many ways… me!

My name is Dinah Saur (get it?) and I’m here to share my passions with you. Whether it’s Harry Potter, tea, travel, or finding adventure in a small town, the goal of A Chomp at Life is to share my enthusiasm for living life joyfully and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Origin Story

For some time now, I’ve defined my life by my passions, and one of my passions is living my life and telling the world all about it. What it really means is that I wound up creating one new blog after the next to share each individual passion with anyone who would listen while overloading myself with an abundance of topics to write about.

After months of feeling guilty for not updating any of my 3 blogs, I realized what an idiot I had been. So that’s where A Chomp at Life comes in. It was time to create a Dinah Saur concentrate to satisfy the world as well as myself.